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The living room is where family and friends gather to play, bond, work, nap, and eat. Living room furniture that is comfortable, durable, speaks to your style, and can be customized to suit your family's needs is essential. Amish living room furniture from DutchCrafters fits the bill. Made in America, our living room seating comes in a variety of fabrics including stain resistant and leather options. Our side tables and display cases will infuse your family's personality as well as add the beauty of solid wood. Our entertainment centers and TV stands will anchor your space and help host many movie-nights. Ready to create a living room your whole family will love?

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How to Choose Living Room Furniture

Whether you're starting out, adding accents, or upgrading key pieces in your living room, we have tips to help you select the right living room furniture for your home. Read on to learn how to measure and find the right furniture for your space.

Figure out your style

Determine your needs

While determining what you want your living room to look like, you may already have your eye on some pieces. Before hitting the “buy” button, we recommend asking the following questions.

1) Who will be using the space? The answer to this question will help to decide color scheme, practicality and durability of furniture, upholstery type and more.

2) What will the space be used for? Asking this question will help you determine what pieces would add value to your living room and also help you figure out things such as how much storage is needed.

For example:

3) How much space do I have? This is the most important question to ask. It will help you to figure out both the size and number of pieces you purchase.

Measure your Space and Create a Layout Plan

It's time for the moment of truth. Will that 8-seater sofa you have fallen in love with fit in your living room?

This step in the process may lead to some disappointment, but measuring, planning ahead where the pieces you have selected will go, and determining whether those pieces will fit will save you time, money, and frustration in the long run.

1) Measure the room

2) Create a visual of your space

Using the dimensions you got from measuring, draw the shape of your living room on a piece of graph paper and fill in the furniture you plan to put in your space. If you need a more visual rendering, you can cut out the actual size and shape of the furniture you plan to purchase from brown craft paper, paper bags, or newspaper and lay out where you would like the pieces to go in the room.

After creating a visual of what your living room will look like with furniture in it, ask yourself the following questions:

While measuring for your furniture, we also recommend measuring doorways and hallways your furniture will have to pass through when being delivered. Doing this in advance will help ease delivery and help protect your home and new furniture. Get help measuring doorways, hallways, and rooms from our Furniture Delivery Tips and Tricks Video.

Why choose living room furniture from DutchCrafters?

Now is the moment you have been waiting for – time to purchase THE furniture that will turn your living room into the place to be. Buying new furniture is an investment. It is typically the third largest purchase home-owners make behind buying a home and car. What characteristics do furniture pieces worth investing in share?


Amish living room furniture from DutchCrafters is made-to-order and most can be customized to meet your wants and needs. Pick the wood type, stain, upholstery, and more that best suits your home and lifestyle.

Quality Materials

DutchCrafters living room furniture is made from solid wood. Brown maple, oak, cherry, and quarter sawn white oak are four of our most popular wood types, but most of our woodshops offer a variety of other wood options. Furniture made from solid wood is not only long-lasting when properly taken care of, but it is also beautiful, unique (thanks to no two trees being alike), and easy to clean.

You will also find a variety of quality stain options to make the piece just your own and complement existing furniture.

Upholstery options on DutchCrafters sofas and chairs vary by woodworking shop but are all high-quality. This is especially true for our performance plus, Crypton and leather options. Quality cushion options are also the norm on our seating. From high-density foam to coil construction, living room seating from DutchCrafters is built to last.

Heirloom Construction

You will find features like dovetailed drawers, soft-close hinges, undermount slides, and mortise and tenon construction on your DutchCrafters living room furniture. These “Old-World” building techniques are used by our Amish furniture makers to guarantee the durability and strength of the pieces you order.

Skilled Craftsmanship

Amish living room furniture from DutchCrafters is made by only the best woodshops. Our woodworkers have also been honing their skills for years and are continually improving their processes to build only the best furniture for you. How do we know? We have personal relationships with our shops that took years to cultivate. We continually monitor how our shops are doing by listening to feedback from customers and visiting our woodworkers.

Timeless Styles

It's a common misconception that Amish furniture makers only make mission or primitive styles. However, our woodworkers are on a mission to make sure that everyone has access to solid wood, quality furniture no matter the style.

At DutchCrafters, you will find living room furniture in many styles from contemporary to industrial to mid-century modern.

That being said, Mission style continues to be the most popular style of living room furniture we sell.

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